About Us

Aims & Objectives :

- To serve as a platform for harnessing the economic and intellectual skill set of the BeLux Nigerian diaspora community for contribution towards Nigeria’s economic and social development.
- To foster partnerships between the community and host countries’ public and private sector stakeholders at economic, political and social levels.
- To contribute to promoting and enhancing a good image for Nigeria in the host countries through positive actions of the community

Activities :

In order to achieve these objectives we undertake three set of activities:

- Networking - information sharing and organisation of activities that provide a platform for interaction of members of the community with host countries’ communities as well as with other Nigerian diaspora communities worldwide. Includes coordinating the participation of the community in the annual Nigerian Diaspora Day Celebration.

- National Capacity building - serve as a platform for the community to contribute to the development prospects of Nigeria through provision of information and facilitation services for investment, employment, volunteering, mentoring or other related activities in the country. Includes coordinating the establishment of the Global database of Nigerian professionals.

- Advocacy - mainstream the perspectives of the BeLux Nigerian diaspora community on issues that impacts on its relationship with Nigeria and the host countries of Belgium and Luxembourg.

Membership :

Membership of NIDOE-BeLux is open to all Nigerians resident in Belgium and Luxembourg. Nigerian Community Organisations may also register as Corporate members.

Management :

NIDOE-BeLux is managed by a Chapter Executive, elected for a two-year renewable term of office at an Annual General Meeting (AGM). The AGM, which holds at least once a year, is the highest organ of the organisation, while the Executive is in charge of the day-to-day business of the organisation.
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The Current Chapter Executive includes:

Dr Chinedu Madichie.
  Dr. Chinedu Madichie.
Dr Madichie was born in Enugu, Nigeria and currently resides in Brussels and the United Kingdom. He is married with two children.

He is a Global Strategy Expert employed by a leading pharmaceutical company headquartered in at the centre of European Policy-Making, Brussels, Belgium. In addition to his current position, he also manages a consulting company registered and operating successfully in Nigeria since 2009. These professional experiences enable a solid platform for understanding the current business, regulatory, cultural and socio-political landscape in Nigeria, Africa, Belgium and the entire European Union.

Dr Madichie graduated from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria with a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree in Chemistry. He also has a Master of Science (MSc) and a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degrees from the University of Hull, UK. He is also an alumni of the University of Luton, UK, from where he obtained his Master of Business Administration (MBA).

In his spare time, Dr Madichie gets involved with charity and community associations in Africa and Europe. Other activities include being a school governor of a private school in Suffolk with a budget in excess of £1 million annually; a community association of Nigerians in the UK as president for several years in addition to membership of other such Nigerian community associations. These positions of trust and responsibility have ensured exposure to the challenges of diasporas in Belgium, Europe and Africa. He is the immediate past Vice Chairperson of NIDOE BeLuX, as well as a founding member and part of the Board of Directors of African Diaspora Network Europe (ADNE), based in Belgium. Dr Madichie enjoys watching football and is a keen supporter of Manchester United Football Club.
Mr. Yemi Adelusola.
 Mr. Yemi Adelusola.
Yemi’s Nigerian ancestral heritage is rooted in Efon Alaaye, Ekiti State. He resides in the UK and is blessed with lovely boys.

A graduate of Agric-Economics from the University of Ibadan, Yemi worked in Nigeria with the ILO on Survey of Employment opportunities in Nigeria, with the EC – on “Food basket” in association with NTA, and the UNIDO/EMPRETEC programme in association with the Raw Materials Research and development Council in Nigeria.

He was a technical associate with Talon (Nig) Ltd and worked on projects such as the purchase of Lipton Tea by Lever brothers Nigeria; as consultants on Land capabilities study for the Oyo state government, and building of perishable cargo terminal at MMA for exporting fresh farm produce from Nigeria to Europe. I also worked on a bid to build a strategic grain reserve for Nigeria, to name a few.

I moved on from working in consultancy to take up the position of Export Manager with Meritas in Nigeria, working on exports of cashew, Rubber and planned coal and palm oil pellets, while discussing the finance for my exports, I was head hunted to Arbitrage Finance and Investments, to work on a syndicated lease with insurance companies as backers and private placements (prospectus and Memorandum etc.) for the development of “Broadgates” at Lekki as Manager - operations. I also oversee the production of the magazine “Stock Guide” a private journal on reports and activities within the Nigerian stock exchange.

Yemi has a Post graduate degree in Monetary and Financial Economics, and a Master degree in Computing and information systems from two different UK Universities, and belongs to various professional IT organizations as a Chartered member.

He has worked extensively in the past 15 years in UK and Europe within the Legal, Financial, telecommunications and International sector, ten of those years was in the implementation and deployment of large scale IT Systems with the European Commission as an IT consultant.

He currently consults on a part time basis with the United Nations on IT systems management and implementation.

He is strong believer in Nigeria’s potential and belongs to various organizations that advocates for bringing positive change(s) to the country. He is a keen golfer, tennis player and traveler. He is also interested in history and enjoys reading biographies. He is also a social member of ACE Squash club UK.
Mr. Henry Oguine.
     Mr. Henry Oguine.
Mr. Henry Oguine is a native of Imo State and currently resides in Grand Duchy Luxembourg. He is married with children.

He is financial professional with wide ranging experience in asset management, banking and pension fund management. Henry Oguine is currently employed by a blue-chip boutique financial institution based in Luxembourg where he oversees a team of investment professionals involved in valuation of complex structured financial products, financial and biometric risk management, and hedging strategies. Together with team management, Mr. Oguine also acts as Delegué à la Gestion Journalière – day to day manager of the company representing the company at various levels before the regulators and within the financial industry.

Henry Oguine is a member of various Luxembourg, European and international associations like the Association of Luxembourg Fund Industry (ALIF); Association Luxembourgeoise des Employés des Banques et Assurances (ALEBA); International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA) among others. Mr. Oguine holds a bachelor’s degree from University of Calabar, Nigeria, an MBA from Jack Welch College of Business, Sacred Heart University Connecticut and is currently pursuing a doctorate degree in Financial Sustainability (with a specialty in Impact Investment) in the Business School Lausanne, Switzerland.

Besides working for a living, Henry Oguine has been involved in various Nigerian and African focused NGOs and cultural associations in Luxembourg serving as president and playing advisory roles in other cases. Henry enjoys reading especially about ancient Egyptian history, historical and contemporary African religion and culture. He is of the belief that education and culture are not mutually exclusive and can go hand in hand.
Chioma Mensah-Bonsu
 Mrs. Chioma
Mrs Chioma Mensah-Bonsu, is a Nigerian and was born in the United Kingdom. She is married with two children; all currently residing in Belgium.

She is a Supply Chain professional with experience in Strategy, Supplier Relationships and Budget Management. She is employed by a global pharmaceutical company with head office in Brussels.

Mrs Mensah-Bonsu is one of the founding members of the African Diaspora for Freedom of Religion (ADFoR), based in Belgium. This role has further given her the opportunity to understand the current religious, political and business challenges and opportunities in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

She is a graduate from Kingston University (London), with a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree in Chemistry and Business Administration.

She has a number of professional management trainings and acts a keynote speaker and presenter in Supply Chain Conferences.

In her spare time, Chioma enjoys various outdoor activities and has run a half marathon and 10K in the past. She is a keen tennis player, loves dancing and reading
Mr.  Oke Kayode.
   Mr. Oke Kayode.
Mr. OKE Folorunsho Kayode was born and raised in Lagos State of Nigeria,a native of Abeokuta ,Ogun State in Nigeria and currently resides in Grand Duchy Luxembourg. He is married with children.

Kayode OKE has a first degree in Mass Communications, specializing in Television/Radio broadcast and Public Relations. He currently works with an company in Luxembourg, in charge of quality control and doubling as employee representative with the Labour union. He is the owner Consolidated Resources Sarl in Luxembourg with 3 branches. Kayode owns Excellence Ventures Limited in Nigeria (Real Estate Management and Apartment Hotels).

Kayode OKE is a member of Advertising Practitioners of Nigeria

Besides working for a living, Kayode is the current sitting President of Nigeria Associations in Luxembourg. The immediate past Public Relations/Welfare officer of NIDO Belux . He is also the PRO of IFCAL Luxembourg. We A football lover and Bayer Munich fan.
Mr. Babatunde Otukoya.
Mr. Babatunde Otukoya.
ALH. OTUKOYA Babatunde was born in Lagos, Nigeria and currently resides in Grand Duchy Luxembourg, married with children.

OTUKOYA Babatunde holds a Bachelor Degree in Accounting from the university of Lagos and has undergone many courses in the field of management and transportation.

He is the CHEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER of transport merchandise, car rental service and a taxi transportation company in the Grand duchy of Luxembourg and Europe in general. Otukoya Babatunde is the Executive Director of Moskunle Nigeria limited a multi-national Engineering Company including being a director of industrial electrical control Nigeria Limited a servicing engineering company. As an employer of labour, he has touch so many peoples life, by creating employment and equipping young men with professional skills needed to elevate their standard of living both in Europe and in Nigeria.

He is currently the secretary general with the Nigeria Association Grand Duchy Luxembourg. He has been an active member of different cultural groups, NGOs, and presently he is currently the president of IFCAL Luxembourg.

Besides working for a living, Otukoya Babatunde loves travelling and is a lover of football.
Mr. Chris Ofili.
      Mr. Chris Ofili.
Christian Ofili is a Belgian of Nigerian origin. Passionate about networking and inter-cultural exchanges, he holds strong expertise in marketing, public relations, economics and finance. He undertakes supports and invests in social development oriented projects.

Christian Ofili is the co-founder of MFBS (Money Finance Business Services), created in 2009 to provide money transfer services, courier, travel and consultancy services. MFBS is a reputed and certified agent for companies such as Moneygram, Western Union, DHL and various travel companies. It is one of the outstanding companies that enable remittances from Diaspora in Belgium.

Mr Ofili was also the Marketing Manager for Ondbox mobile, a mobile company created by one of his associate. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Mr. Ofili worked for different international companies at various capacities, Kodak, CreoScitex Europe and Nokia as a Special Advisor for their UK & Ireland markets.

Mr. Ofili had his early education in Nigeria before proceeding abroad for further studies, he holds a Degree in Financial Management and Economy from the Moscow Finance Academy Russia.

He recently created a fast growing none profit making organization” CHRIS OFILI CONNECTIONS” a platform he uses to promote inter-cultural relationships, networking between different diaspora groups, language bridges, promote cultural events, PR, Marketing and consultancy services.

He speaks English, Russia, French and many Creoles and pidgins English-based languages.

Mr. Ofili is a representative for West Africa English-Speaking Countries within the African Diaspora Network Europe(ADNE). He advises the Organization on the utilization of Diaspora remittances for Development.